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We extended this antisense work to certain cancers and demonstrated, for the first time, that neuroblastoma cells, for example, also possess similar cellular renin angiotensin systems that regulate their growth (5). These studies, and many like them, represent the application of antisense technology to research. Go to:
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GO TO PAGE. Research Paper On Communication Technology - Antisense gene therapy is a gene silencing technique similar to RNA interference, but uses a slightly different mechanism. The therapy is called a gene silencing. Antisense technology+research paper
Paper Alert: Could Antisense Therapy One Day Squelch Toxic Repeats in ALS or FTD? Quick Links. Article; Comments; References; Further Reading; Tools. Add to my Library; RESEARCH PAPER Antisense suppression of a b-galactosidase gene (TBG6) in tomato increases fruit cracking Edgar Moctezuma, David L. Smith
Abstract. Antisense therapy is designed to deliver to the target cells antisense molecules that can hybridize and specifically inhibit the expression of pathogenic genes (Fig. 1). In the past, the term antisense included several distinct but related approaches, including classical antisense or anticode, ribozyme or catalytic
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Request (PDF) | Potential applicatio... | The antisense RNA technology involves the cloning of a particular gene in reverse orientation with respect to the promoter, such that the coding strand acts as template strand and vice versa. The antisense gene when transcribed gives rise to RNA which is complementary to sense
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Growth of Antisense Research On the strength of experimentation in the late 1980s which addressed the proof of principle for antisense technology, a period of ... The second search is more sensitive since it was generated through retrieval of original papers and crossreferencing of these papers as well as the inclusion of

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