antithesis lesson

A lesson on rhetorical strategies and analysis for Mr. Singleton's classes.
This is a short and tidy video done for An AP Literature class at Patriot High School.
It was the best lesson; it was the worst lesson. You can be the judge when you learn more about 'antithesis' in this lesson, where you'll see the...
Browse video lesson plans and ideas on teaching Antithesis in Literature: Definition & Exampleswith Spiral Clip.
Is't possible to show meet gratitude for such kind condescension '2 'f' LESSON XXX. ANTITHESIS. The word antithesis means opposition or contrast. In all sentences in which an emphatic word occurs, there is an antithesis expressed or understood; and it is necessary to be able to distinguish the words which form the
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Lesson 4: 'Oppositions and Builds'; Lesson 5: 'Antithesis'; Lesson 7: 'The Straight Build'; Lesson 8: 'The Nature and Structure of Builds'; Lesson 9: 'Platforms, Cutbacks, and Interpretation'; Lesson 10: 'Shared Builds'; Lesson 14: 'Shakespearean Language'; Lesson 15: 'Word Choice'; Lesson 18: 'Shakespearean Rhetoric'.
Lesson 2. 1. Antithesis an TI thuh sis a direct opposite, a contrast. Antonym: duplicate; same. Good is the antithesis of evil. Derivatives: antithetic, antithetical, antithetically. 2. Ascend uh SEND to move upward, to rise from a lower station. Antonym: to descend; to go down. The climbers ascended the mountain. Derivatives:
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